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Faskit. Emergency Kit for Air Suspension. Range Rover Sport.

FOR TO BE ALWAYS UP ! Solves rapidly the problems of the air suspension. Faskit is a system to recover the basic functionality of your suspension by the manual inflation of each of the four pneumatic springs individually.
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Manufacturer: FASKIT
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Faskit is a system to recover the basic functionality of your suspension by the manual inflation of each of the four pneumatic springs individually. You can inflate them at will establishing the desired height and they can remain that way until you repair the original system. As simple as inflating the tyres of your car !

In addition, with Faskit you can free up all the electronic system since using each of the spring keys you close the air passage and you isolate the pneumatic spring.
Also, closing the key of the compressor and placing the hose that we provide you can inflate each one of the springs with no need to go to a gas station.


If you wish, you can even inflate the tyres or an inflatable mattress.

Faskit does not reduce the reliability of the air suspension of the vehicle. On the contrary. You have a trustworthy system which gives you security and helps you in the diagnostic of failures

And most importantly: it prevents you from becoming stranded on the highway or the mountain.

                                                  In brief:

- The Faskit connection is made only once and it is not necessary to remove it ever again.
- If a failure takes place you only have to operate on the closure keys and inflate the suspensions manually and function in this way  until you decide to repair it.
- No special tool is required and it integrates perfectly in the engine compartment.
- The factory suspension hardware is left intact and operational, perfectly integrating itself into the EAS suspension system.
- Faskit enables independent inflation of each spring based on the load and its distribution.
- It is a solution to recover the height of the car once a failure takes places in the original system. When the failure is repaired the original system is restored easily, just turning the closure keys to the “open” position.
- It supplies compressed air, as well as a pressure gauge to control the operating pressure of the system.


 The installation of Faskit uses quick adjust connectors which form a tight seal around the diameter of the air tubes.

The cutting tool (provided) enables the tubes to be cut to the required length.

 The connectors that we provide with Faskit are designed so that no tools are required for its installation.

 We send  ample information  and graphs in English, French, Spanish and a special annexe for the Range Rover Sport.

 Estimated duration of the installation : Approximately  3 hours.

The Faskit kit is composed by more than 60 elements of high quality prepared specifically to support the pressure of functioning of the EAS and 25 meters of air tube.

Faskit is valid for any vehicle equipped with air suspension (4x4, tourisms, caravans, etc)  Consult.



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